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Stories from the heart of the primary industries. Join us as we walk alongside our people to find out what drives them, how they are supporting their families and communities and their vision for a brighter future. 


Hōhepa in the Hawke’s Bay is home to not only a community of people living with intellectual disabilities, but also a thriving farming operation. In this story we find out how farming in a way that is beneficial for wellbeing and personal growth can also be good for innovation and the bottom line.

OMG (For the Love of Bees)

The OMG model farm - is the lead programme of For the Love of Bees. It takes place in a 310sqm site squeezed between buildings on upper Symonds Street, Auckland CBD. They produce food boxes for their community - local affordable produce which people can pick up from the site 2 days per week. 

But this isn’t just a story about an urban mini-farm, it’s about how food production can be a strategy for soil restoration. This is organic, regenerative urban farming. 

“Our food boxes are a subscription to soil restoration”  Sarah Smuts-Kennedy, Vision holder and trustee

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Retired Working Dogs

Retired Working Dogs NZ is dedicated to helping find loving forever homes for working dogs who have reached retirement age or aren’t quite cut out for life on the land. Through a system of foster volunteers we provide healthcare and behavioural assessment, wherever possible, before placing dogs with their perfect family. Our aim is to find loving retirement homes for these amazing dogs, after all their years of hard work. Let’s give these dogs the retirement they deserve.

Shaan and Nicole Singh, buffalo farmers

Shaan and Nicole Singh farm in the Owairaka valley 20min South East of Te Awamutu. They have 1500 acres where they farm dairy beef and sheep and grow a bit of maize. But this isn’t a story about those’s about diversification and in this case diversification that harks back to Shaan’s family culture. 

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