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Te Radar interviews Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Te Radar, in conversation with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, on the opportunities and challenges within the primary sector including how to get our young people excited about a future in farming. 

We talk through some of the key struggles being faced by the sector at present: workforce shortages, tackling change and ask 'what does the future of farming in NZ look like to you'?

Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern
Prime Minister of New Zealand

The Innovation Awards

The Fieldays Innovation Awards is the premier launch pad for backyard inventors and start-up companies through to established manufacturers and distributors to connect with the primary industries.

The Fieldays Innovation Awards are a mainstay of Fieldays, attracting entries from all corners of the primary sector and the world!

Covering four categories: Young Innovator, Prototype, Early Stage and Growth and Scale - entries are on display in the Fieldays Innovation Hub which represents a great opportunity to connect with potential customers, industry experts and investors. 

On Thursday night 17 June the award-winners were announced onsite at an awards ceremony in the Pavillion, on offer were two $10,000 cash prizes as well as prize packages from Fieldays Innovations sponsors Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Gait International.


Previous Innovation Awards winners have gone on to experience extraordinary success, like Waikato-based Hivesite, who won the 2020 Prototype Award for their in-beehive, chemical-free, automatic, thermal treatment for Varroa mite. Since their win, Hivesite have evolved their prototype design, and commissioned a trial of their heat treatment system.

Ursula Haywood from Antahi Innovations Ltd, who won the 2020 Launch NZ Award for their Trusti Pasteur and Bag Starter Pack says “Winning the award helped propel our system to the market both domestically and internationally, which was particularly helpful this year with the limits on international tradeshows and the standard transmission of information. It is exciting to see our new colostrum management system adopted so quickly by our progressive farmers here and abroad.”

Regional News- behind the headlines

In New Zealand, mainstream media overwhelmingly operates out of Auckland and Wellington - which begs the question - are our urban dwellers getting all the coverage? What about regional NZ - who is telling our stories? And how well are they telling them? Joining Fieldays TV to delve into the state of regional journalism is Aaron Buist from Beacon Media, Murray Kirkness, editor of the New Zealand Herald and head of news at NZME and long-time newsman (and former editorial director of the Newspaper Publishers’ Association) Rick Neville. 

Aaron Buist
CEO, Beacon Media Group

Murray Kirkness
NZ Herald editor/NZME head of news

Murray Kirkness is the NZ Herald editor and NZME's head of news. He joined the Herald in 2015. He was the editor-in-chief of the ODT for eight years and managing editor of Allied Press' community newspaper titles for seven. He celebrated his 35th year in journalism in January this year.

Rick Neville
Former president, NZ Newspaper Publishers’ Association

Rick Neville has had a career in journalism spanning more than 50 years. Starting off as a reporter on regional daily newspapers before spending a decade as a political reporter in the Parliamentary Press Gallery. He then became editor then managing editor of the Nelson Mail and later editor of the Evening Post in Wellington. He moved to the head office of Independent Newspapers Ltd (now Stuff) where he held a number of senior roles.

In 2002, he was appointed Chief Executive of Advertiser Newspapers Ltd, News Ltd’s publishing operations based in Adelaide. He returned to NZ in 2003, working as a consultant to set up the Herald on Sunday and later holding a range of senior roles at APN (now NZME). Rick’s a former president of the NZ Newspaper Publishers’ Association and chair of the former NZ Press Association and was editorial director of the NPA until 2020.

2021 KPMG Agribusiness Agenda partnered by Fieldays

We delve deeper into the themes of this year’s KPMG Agribusiness Agenda with author and presenter Ian Proudfoot. 

Ian Proudfoot
KPMG Global Head of Agribusiness

Global Head of Agribusiness - KPMG Ian Proudfoot joined KPMG in the London office in 1992, moving to New Zealand and the KPMG office in Auckland in 1996. Ian was admitted to partnership in 2004 and appointed as Global Head of Agribusiness for KPMG in 2013. Ian has a BSc (Hons) Industrial Economics from the University of Warwick, UK. 

Ian has provided audit and advisory services to a wide range of clients and is considered to be one of the leading strategic thinkers on Agribusiness in New Zealand. He presents around the world on the future of food productions, processing and consumption and is the lead author of the award- winning KPMG Agribusiness Agenda publications which have been published annually since 2010.

Understanding Agritech Trends in Asia

Asia is crucial to the New Zealand agriculture scene with the majority of our exports bound for the region. However, across the region agritech continues to adapt and change. Do New Zealanders understand these trends and what do we need to know to stay ahead of the curve? Join the Asia New Zealand Foundation Te Whītau Tūhono as we discuss this and more. We will be joined by two leading agritech entrepreneurs, Raymond and Bicky, from Hong Kong and Vietnam respectively, both at the forefront of innovation. 

We ask them what they see influencing agritech in the region and we ask them about their businesses – cricket protein and urban farming - to explore how they succeed in this fast-moving and exciting region.

Adam McConnochie

Adam is the director of entrepreneurship and leadership at the Asia New Zealand Foundation Te Whītau Tūhono. With a mission to drive Kiwi success in Asia and a decade of working in the region, Adam’s background is leadership development, entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia and politics in South Asia. Adam is also a board member at charity, Just Peoples and a director at sustainable toothpaste company, SOLID Oral Care.

Nguyen Hong Ngoc Bich (Bicky)
co-founder and business development manager, CricketOne

Bicky is the co-founder and business development manager at CricketOne, an agricultural company that produces sustainable and affordable protein from crickets. CricketOne breeds crickets inside 40-foot containers, allowing them to farm all year.

Raymond Mak
Cofounder and CEO, Farmacy HK

Raymond is the co-founder and CEO of Farmacy HK, an AgriTech startup in Cyberport aiming to enable smart city farming through new generation hydroponic, aeroponic technology, and in-depth botanic research. Starting from the first concept urban farm site located in the heart of Hong Kong city, Farmacy continues to lead the “farming decentralisation” movement to promote the 'seed-to-table' experience, with the goal of making a sustainable green lifestyle possible in urbanised areas worldwide.
He is also a member of Trade & Industry Advisory Board of HKSAR Government and BUD Fund (Corporate) Review Panel of Hong Kong Productivity Council.

Fieldays presents the NIWA weather report

We talk in-depth with NIWA forecaster Nava Fedaeff about this year’s wild weather, including the recent flooding in Canterbury. We also find out what mother nature has in store for farmers this winter. 

Nava Fedaeff
Forecaster / Science Communicator at NIWA

Nava Fedaeff is a Weather Forecaster and Science Communicator at NIWA. She is passionate about the outdoors and all things weather. Nava works on a very wide range of projects related to weather and climate. Some involve writing, visualising and communicating weather forecasts, others are related to climate change and climate variability - few days are the same! 

When peak performance matters what do you feed?

Join NZFMA Executive Director Michael Brooks, Nutrinza Managing Director Warren Morritt and Takanini Feeds General Manager Claire Burndred to learn about the benefits of supplementary feed and why is it important to feed FeedSafeNZ for peak performance.

Michael Brooks 
NZFMA Executive Director

Michael Brooks has worked for the NZFMA, Poultry Industry Association of NZ and the Egg Producers Federation of NZ since 2002 in the role of Executive Director. He has previously worked for other trade associations such as the Meat Industry Association, the Retailers Association of NZ and the Road Transport Association. He has an LLB from Otago University and a Diploma in Human Resource Management from Victoria University.

Warren Morritt
Nutrinza Managing Director Warren Morritt

Warren Morritt, Managing Director of the Intelact Group of Companies (which includes Nutrinza), had what can be called a “total immersion” in animal nutrition when he managed a zero-grazing dairy farm in Saudi Arabia with 4,000 head of cattle. Warren grew up on a dairy farm near Thames and completed a B.Agr. degree at Massey University. His first job was the one in the Middle East. Three months after arriving there, the manager left and Warren got the position. He stayed there for six years, before returning to New Zealand, fired up with the idea to promote the concept of supplementary feeds. He joined Intelact, who had a similar philosophy, as consultant. Eighteen months later, management bought out the company and Warren became General Manager.

Clare Burndred
Takanini Feeds General Manager Clare Burndred

Claire has been with for Takanini Feeds for 11 years. Takanini Feeds supplies feed for dairy cows, calves and other ruminants, poultry, pigs and horses. Takanini Feeds strives to maintain the highest level of feed quality, manufacturing, fresh, palatable and nutritious feeds. Claire has been a member of the company's Management Team since 2010 and in May 2016 joined the company in a day to day role to assist with implementing new systems and processes. Prior to joining Takanini Feeds, Claire worked in finance and risk management. 

Good George - Passionate about brewing

Good George Master Brewer Brian Watson will host a panel discussion with some of NZ’s leading brewery & cider making industry suppliers talking about what they grow/supply and what makes it so great, through the lens of a manufacturer that uses these ingredients to create their own final product. Topics covered will include growing conditions and what that means in the glass, the growth in craft beer and cider industry over the past 10 years and what that’s meant for these key suppliers to the industry, and global demand for NZ grown and made products.

Brian Watson
Co-Founder and Brewmaster, Good George Brewing

Founder and Director of Good George Brewing and a qualified brewmaster, Brian has over 25 years of experience in the industry locally and internationally. He has been judging beer since 1998, participating in many national and international competitions throughout his career in the US, New Zealand and Australia. Brian has been involved in the installation of more than 60 breweries around the world. His passion, expertise and character are well known throughout brewing circles.

Has the worm turned for interest rates?

Cameron Bagrie
Managing Director, Bagrie Economics

Cameron has been an economist for 25 years and is the Managing Director of Bagrie Economics, a boutique research firm. He also runs a couple private family businesses. For over 11 years he was the Chief Economist at ANZ. His approach to economics is pragmatic and non-ideological. Cameron holds B Com from the University of Otago and an M Com from the University of Canterbury. He has a bee in his bonnet about improving financial literacy, or as Cameron puts it “better money mojo”

Mike Chapman interviews James Shaw

Mike Chapman interviews James Shaw following the release of the Climate Commission’s carbon-reducing roadmap.

Hon James Shaw
Green Party Co-Leader and Climate Change Minister

Prior to becoming an MP, James had a successful career in management consulting, primarily in London, where he lived from 1998 to 2010. 

While completing a Master’s in sustainable development and business leadership at Bath University, James came to the realisation that the private sector alone wasn’t able to effect change at the speed and scale necessary to meet the challenge of climate change and that political change was also required.

He moved back to New Zealand to run for Parliament in 2010 and was elected in 2014, becoming Green Party Co-leader in 2015. In 2017 James led the Green Party into its first ever term in Government with Ministers and was appointed Minister for Climate Change, Statistics and Associate Minister for Finance.


A chat with a Huntaway trainer and a University researcher, trying to find out more about this iconic working dog breed that has become an integral part of mustering teams on most NZ sheep farms.

Jamie Shrubsall
Taihape Farm Manager

Jamie is currently managing a 3000-acre block up the Kawhatau Valley for Spring Farms with his partner and two young daughters. Jamie grew up helping his parents regularly on the farm which sparked the interest in his chosen career. Dad Anthony Shrubsall helped start him off with dogs at the age of 13, and when he started his farming career as a shepherd at Tanupara Station, Bruce Parkinson took up the guidance of training working dogs. Jamie also credits both Craig Johns and Alex Mathews who are top dog men in the centre for having a huge influence in his dog trialing and farming career. 

Nick Cave
Associate Professor, School of Veterinary Sciences, Massey University

Nick Cave graduated from Massey University (NZ) in 1990 with a BVSc, and worked in general practice for 6 years until 1997, when he returned to Massey for a residency in small animal internal medicine, and attained membership in the Australasian College of Veterinary Scientists by examination. He graduated with a Masters in Veterinary Science in 2000 and in 2004 he moved to the University of California, Davis, where he attained a PhD in nutrition and immunology. At the same time, he completed a residency in small animal clinical nutrition, and became a diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Nutrition by examination in 2004. 

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