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Zego Sports Boat Ltd

Zego Boats made in NZ, easily launched & retrieved

The entire range of Zego Boats have been designed and developed in New Zealand over many years, leveraging the very strong innovation and design  practices that New Zealand boats are famous for. All boats are manufactured and assembled in Waipu, New Zealand.  

There has been a deliberate design focus to produce a small range of boats that can easily be launched, retrieved and enjoyed by one person.

Each design offers incredible stability and sea keeping abilities, resulting in the most comfortable ride in its respective class.  

Another unique feature across the entire range is the ability to completely colour style your boat to your own preferences.

Because price, safety, versatility and ease of operation is important with any small leisure boat, you need to check out the Zego Sports Boat range. For recreation, fun or work, on any type of water, you can use a Zego!

Zego Sports Boat Ltd
+64 9 432 1231

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