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Davis weather stations for farm, orchard or home

WeatherData are the New Zealand representatives for Davis Instruments who have been building weather stations in their US factory for over 50 years. These stations have  proven reliability durability and accuracy with many hundreds installed throughout New Zealand. These range from simple all-in-one type stations such as the Vantage Vue, professional ruggedised stations such as the Vantage Pro2 or the fully independent and expandable remote cellular EnviroMonitor systems.

Our customer representatives have over 2 decades of experience in supporting weather station installation in New Zealand and can offer advice on system selection, siting, installation, maintenance and fault diagnosis.

People who work on the land always have a keen appreciation of how the weather affects their work. A weather station, complements this knowledge by providing accurate data on long term patterns, identifying timing for key growth periods such as bud burst or spring flush, and alarms that help reduce exposure to weather risks.

All our weather stations measure as standard wind, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and rainfall.  

- If you are an irrigator, add solar radiation and calculate Potential Evapotranspiration. Compare weather readings with actual soil moisture with one or more remote soil stations.  

- If you have an orchard, check out what we can offer for frost and microclimate monitoring with multiple temperature stations. Add a soil moisture station that measures soil moisture throughout the rooting profile.

- If your operation requires monitoring for your resource consent, check out what we can offer for wind, rain or flow meter monitoring.

- If you are a spray contractor check out how a portable station can ensure you only spray during ideal conditions.

Check out the online site to see the type of data you can get from a local weather station. Use the map tool to see what stations are available in your local area.

0508 932 843

Davis Weather Stations

Davis Instrument are pioneers in the weather industry. All weather stations go through a minimum of 10 tests before shipping. They are engineered to withstand corrosion, strong winds, the scorching sun and extreme temperatures. WeatherData have been proud to represent Davis in New Zealand for over a decade and provide local support services for all products in the range, old or new.

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