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Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

Vehicle Safety Ratings Display

Waka Kotahi is serious about improving road safety for all New Zealanders, launching the Road to Zero strategy in 2020. Road to Zero aims to improve road safety outcomes for Kiwis in several ways, including improving the safety profile of cars Kiwis are driving.

Attendees at Field Days will be given the chance to look inside the Decepta, a fictional car created by Waka Kotahi, to see an example of how poorly a 1-star car may perform in a crash.  

While the Decepta appears to be a standard sedan, it has one important flaw: a crash could lead to increased risk of death or serious injury for the driver and passengers who are twice as likely to die or be seriously injured in a crash in a 1-star compared to a 5-star rated vehicle.  

Waka Kotahi road safety, vehicle, and WoF compliance experts will be onsite at Field Days to answer any questions from the public and discuss the importance of purchasing vehicles with high safety ratings.  

Visitors will also have a chance to check the safety rating of their own vehicle, check out common WoF fails, and grab a free barista coffee while they visit the stand.

Visit Waka Kotahi at stand E19 in the Health and Wellbeing area.    

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

Decepta Public Reactions

Visit the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency stand at Fieldays to look inside the Decepta, and see how poorly a 1-star car may perform in a crash.

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