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Tau Research Limited

Innovation is Tau-shaped

Tau Research Ltd is a progressive company driven by an innovative and entrepreneurial culture where passion and excellence come together as a  great combination for understanding and redefining what is possible. Our interests lie firmly in providing actionable insights from data-driven analytics with the combination of AI and IoT for real-time environmental monitoring and continuous event-driven simulations. Our focus areas are research and development, data sciences and analytics, AI-enabled sensors, and IoT.  

One of our latest innovations is a patented AI algorithm that automatically calibrates any moisture sensors in real-time for any soil type and uses moisture sensor data to determine the soil's water holding capacity (also known as field capacity) and refill points. Knowledge of the soil's field capacity is crucial since it tells farmers/growers how much water a given soil can hold for their crops use. This is achieved with the help of machine learning and pattern recognition techniques.  

Until now, almost all store-bought moisture sensors only provide information on soil moisture content and not the soil's water holding capacity. Furthermore, without site-specific calibration, the accuracy of these sensors in all soils cannot be guaranteed, which has limited their use. Farmers and growers must consider both the water holding capacity and current moisture level of their soil to determine how much water to add and for how long. 

Without either of these two parameters, a farmer can easily overwater their crops, resulting in higher irrigation costs, lower crop yields, and potential nitrate leaching. This explains why farmers with expensive moisture sensors are still overwatering their farms and are unhappy with the poor results.

This is the first time AI has been used to enhance a moisture sensor's capability to detect the water holding capacity of soil in real-time. Our AI solution is hardware-agnostic, meaning such a solution will work with any sensors that are sensitive to soil moisture change such as TDR, FDR, and Capacitive. Such a solution will allow both local and international Agri-tech distributors to incorporate their existing moisture sensors and provide a more comprehensive irrigation solution to their clients. Distributors such as PGO Horticulture (New Zealand), and ICT International (Australia) have agreed to partner with Tau Research Ltd to bring the solution to the local, national and global markets.

Tau Research Limited
+64 22 650 7315

AI-enabled soil moisture sensor

This is the first time AI has been used to auto-calibrate a moisture sensor and determine soil field capacity in real-time, allowing for more accurate irrigation scheduling.

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