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Social Credit New Zealand

For a people-centered brighter future...

What sets Social Credit apart from other political parties is a foundation of values and goals, laid down in the 1930s, which continues to support our present policies.

We believe New Zealanders should own their own homes, farms and businesses. Individual and co-operative enterprise should be the basis for our economy.

We believe the individual is more important than the State and should be given powerful protection by a definitive Bill of Rights.

We believe the natural environment is our life support system and requires our commitment to respect, protect and enhance it.

Control of New Zealand’s economy should be in New Zealander’s hands, with greater international independence. [to be consistent why no ‘we believe’]

We believe the Reserve Bank should manage the financial system and the issue of new credit on New Zealanders’ behalf, after all they own it.

We believe the Reserve Bank can fund infrastructure and essential services for a socially and physically healthy economy without debt and without inflation.

We believe we can demonstrate to the highest level of analysis that our tenets are sound and our goals attainable.

Social Credit is the ALWAYS NEW party - our problem-solving ideas way ahead of other parties:

  • 1930s - Reserve Bank funding for public housing (30,000 of them), loans to farmers and horticulturists, funding for producer boards.
  • 1972 - Proportional voting 24 years before MMP was adopted.
  • 1973 - 28-page environment paper proposing much of what is now accepted standards for environmental stewardship. (Though much more is left to do.)
  • 1975 - Nuclear-free NZ 9 years before adoption.
  • 1974 - 16-page paper, INDUSTRY & PEOPLE, anticipating issues of automation, monopolies, worker participation (most solutions yet to be enacted.)
  • 2020 - Reclaim our Future - eliminating poverty, poor housing and environmental problems through judicious use of Reserve Bank credit.

We recognise the obstacles to Social Credit’s economic and social goals: The vested interests of international finance and their self-serving version of economics - taught at all levels of economics education – and global corporates. They exert powerful leverage over media outlets, political and business leaders. Many people dare not publicly endorse Social Credit policies even when they support them in private. We are making progress in spite of those obstacles.

Social Credit is the HERE FOR GOOD party. We have faith in a better future for New Zealand. We’ve been working toward that goal for nearly 100 years. If you would like to talk about how New Zealand could have a people-centered brighter future, come talk to us in the Rural Living Marquee - RM 33.

Social Credit New Zealand
+64 21 037 0497

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