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The latest in Cordfree Shearing & Tail Trimming

Rurtec is a kiwi company that’s all about making the job easier for farmers.  We make better solutions to the issues farmers face.  Many of our brands have gained strong international reputation as the best in their field.

See the LANATI ASTRON Cordfree Handpiece, the new addition to the LANATI Cordfree range for shearing, tail, horse and pet clipping.  We are leading the way in developing more powerful brushless, slotless 18 V motors combined with more ergonomic and comfortable design topped off with longer lasting lithium ion batteries.

Self sharpening JAKOTI Hand Shears are not only a great option for tidying up dirty tails and sheep, they are a great cutting tool for in the garden and general use.

Rurtec harnesses are well known internationally with the MATINGMARK Harness playing an important role over many tupping seasons in many countries.  The more recently developed NOMATE Teaser Harness that delivers a teaser ram without surgery but with the procedure being easily reversed so that he can do the tupping as well.  Vets and farmers alike have been quick to pick up on the practicality of this option with over 4000 now sold internationally.

But we don’t only tailor for the boys, we have solutions for when lambs are not getting the love they need, when bits fall out, and more.  The BEARIN Prolapse Harness is back as an improved product this year.  Issues with durability have been addressed so this harness that became an overnight success when launched back in 2016 will now go on doing the job hassle free year after year.  When bondage is the need, the ADLAM Harness can do this as well, with or without a spray or two of U-BOND.  It’s a quick and easy answer for mothering on as well as another great answer for bearings.

All of our harnesses and many other of our products are made right here in Hamilton, by local people.

Also in the range are CHINMARK Bull/Teaser Harnesses and HEATMARK Heat Detectors to help cattle farmers take control of their breeding programmes.  We also have PRIMA and MASTERLINE vaccinators, injectors and drench and pour on guns, CEEMARK Twist Up Stock markers and many other innovations.

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