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Powertec Wireless Technology

Innovative connectivity solutions

Powertec Wireless Technology provides connectivity products and solutions to help boost mobile coverage in rural areas to ensure people can communicate and be connected no matter where they may be. We specialise in mobile repeater products that provide optimal indoor and outdoor coverage for residential and commercial buildings. Our mobile repeaters are designed to amplify and disburse a mobile signal within a building without causing any interference to the mobile network. They are the only legal consumer repeater that has been approved by all mobile carriers in NZ.  

As wireless technologies become increasingly more complex so do the antennas. Powertec offers a range of Blackhawk and Poynting antennas for enhancing mobile or Wi-Fi signal. The product range encompasses antennas for vehicles, buildings and boats covering 3G, 4G and 5G options.  

We also offer tailored wireless network solutions for indoor, outdoor and point to point solutions. Our indoor Wi-Fi networks are ideal for a variety of applications including homes, offices, hospitals, shopping centres, warehouses, schools, and universities. While our large outdoor coverage solutions can provide connectivity to farms, parks, outdoor events, caravan parks and large outdoor venues.

We provide full consultation, network design and installation services.  

Contact our team to begin your journey.

Powertec Wireless Technology
+64 9 951 6205

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