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PODSTIR, Stirs Milk stored in POD

Newly Developed Stirrer, Motor and Mounting system for Calf Milk preservation. Fits all Pods (IBC's, Totes), of round or square section frame construction. 

Can be transferred easily by one person from one POD (IBC, Tote) to another in under 20 seconds, thanks to semi collapsible blades and pushrod system. Paddle diameter 550mm unfolded. 

180 watt (1/4HP) 230-240 volt AC Class 1 Motor allows continuous running. Motor rated current 1.5amp, but in this application draws 0.6amps only, about 75cents per day continuous running. Use of RCD recommended for outside use. 

Slow stirring prevents separation of your colostrum gold, transition milk, fresh milk, peno and blood milk, and the stirring action keeps product cool. Still good after 90 days plus without refrigeration  

Has motor cover to facilitate outside use, and conveniently placed carry handle to facilitate fitting and changeover.  
Gearbox output speed 22 RPM. All parts submerged in the milk are stainless steel  

The design allows easy fitting through the standard 145mm hole WITHOUT any modification to the Pod (IBC, Tote). Vane flutes ensure paddles and PODSTIR stay in correct position while in use.  

Freight free anywhere in New Zealand, free personal delivery in Southland, South and West Otago. Weight complete is 12kg. Price includes G.S.T. and tax invoice will be issued.

+64 27 432 7678

PODSTIR, for stirring milk stored in POD (IBC or TOTE)

This tool requires absolutely no modifications to the POD, can be installed in under 10 seconds, and while specifically intended for raw milk, it has a multitude of other uses as well. Proud to be in the Innovation Awards at the Innovation Hub.

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