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You know farming. We know power. Let's talk. 

We're not farmers – but we're damn good at powering farms. Talk to us today!

Meridian Energy

Powering New Zealand Farms

At Meridian, we only generate electricity from 100% renewable sources of wind, water and sun. As New Zealand’s largest 100% renewable energy generator, and as a retailer, we believe that clean energy is the only way forward for the future of our communities, country and planet. And with that clean energy we power farms, homes and businesses right across New Zealand. 

You know farming. We know power. Let's talk. 

We're not farmers – but we're damn good at powering farms. Our dedicated agribusiness team are experts in their field, and you’ll find they’re always there to help you get the most out of your power. What you won’t find round here is a one size fits all approach. Our tailored plans and pricing are specific to your farm and how you run it.

We’ve got your back

Our dedicated agribusiness team has your back. Our team works purely on agribusiness, so we understand your needs when it comes to power on farm. And with a phone line that goes direct to our specialist team, you can be sure whoever you chat to gets it.

The right plan for you

We power over 11,000 farms – and we understand that each one of those is different. So, we’ve got a range of options to suit your needs that are flexible for the time of day, and the season. We’ll help you pick what’s best for the way you run your farm, whatever your farm type: diary, drystock, irrigation, or horticulture.

Backing rural NZ  

The agricultural industry is full of good sorts doing great stuff for our country, and we’re here to put on the gumboots and walk alongside them. That’s why Meridian is the power company behind New Zealand’s rural community. 

So, if you want to get a sweet deal on your power with Meridian, give us a call on 0800 496 777 or email us if you’re heading to Fieldays, we’d love to see you, so come check out our recharge station where you can charge up your device and yourself with a hot cuppa. We’ve got some great giveaways and promotions too. See you soon.


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WWS & Meridian

The wind can be a nuisance but we make it work. As NZ’s largest producer of 100% renewable power, we only generate electricity from wind, water and sun.

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