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There's always room for improvement

We’re always working on how we can help farmers make small improvements to achieve big gains. We’re always striving to do better in everything we do - just like you are.

Doing what we’re good at. Playing to our strengths.

LIC is a farmer-owned co-operative and world leader in pasture based dairy genetics and herd management. LIC exists to deliver superior genetics and technological innovation to help its shareholders sustainably farm a profitable animal. 

With origins dating back to 1909, LIC has a long history of developing and delivering world-leading innovations for the dairy industry. The co-op continues to be one of the sector’s biggest private investors in research and development. 

Today the New Zealand-based co-op employs more than 700 permanent staff, swelling to 2000 during the spring peak dairy mating season. LIC also has offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. 

All LIC profit is returned to its farmer owners/shareholders in dividends, or reinvested for new solutions, research and development.


Video Gallery

LIC - there's always room for improvement

No matter where you look…LIC is helping farmers make small improvements day in and day out.

2021 Strategy Refinement

LIC 2021 Strategy Refinement

LIC and the environment

Before the environment was a hot topic. LIC was developing technologies that were having a beneficial impact on our environment.

LIC Herd Testing - The unsung hero

In modern-day farming, regular Herd Testing is an essential tool to help increase your herd’s productivity and value.

LIC MINDA Updates 2021

We've been busy on the continual improvement of MINDA Live. Since May 2020 alone, dozens of new features and software updates have been made to bring

LIC & Owl Farm, Always Improving

The demonstration farm that’s teaching some big lessons. Having the right systems in place is helping Owl Farm share their improvements with New Zealand’s farme...

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