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Your Gateway to Business Success with Korea

KOTRA (Korea Trade & Investment Promotion Agency) is a non-profit Korean government agency and has promoted international business since 1962.

Your Gateway to Business Success with Korea

KOTRA would like to introduce 10 quality Korean companies who are seeking NZ business partners. If you are interested in developing your business opportunities with them, please feel free to contact us.

1. Hyunnong (Fertiliser, www,

2. Nousbo (Fertiliser,

3. Taekwang New Tec (PE Film for Greenhouse,

4. Sunforest (Hand-held Non-destructive Fruit Quality Metre,

5. Delta E&C (Airfog Spray System,

6. G-geumgang ENG (Multi-Seeder,

7. Farmpro (Livestock Monitoring System,

8. Dawoon (Auto Teat Cleaner,

9. Namsun GTL (Korean Pears, Grapes,

10. Sipos (Window Film,

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Your Gateway to Business Success with Korea

We are a Korean government agency, promoting internatioal trade & investment since 1962. If you are looking for a Korean business partner, we are the first...

Agriculture is Key to the Future

Effervescent Water Soluble Fertilizer An easy way to efficiently manage your gardens

High Performance Greenhouse Film Provider

Leading manufacturer for greenhouse film up to Maximum 16 meters width in Korea since 1974. Thickness from 0.08mm to 0.18mm available, UV stabilized up to 4 yea...

SUNFOREST - Nondestructive Fruit Quality Meter

SUNFOREST H-100 series is an ideal tool for Preharvest Ripeness Judgment and Postharvest Quality Inspection

Airfog Spraytech - Clean and Safe Living Environments

Micro Droplet-UNIQUE FEATURE OF AIRFOG & Product Value: Smart Spraying System for Agricultural Greenhouse’s Pest Control or Watering, and Animal Farm’s Odor...

Farmpro - Livestock Monitoring System

Dairy herds wear mobile connected sensors which collect biometric information on the cows' body temperature, and daily movements to let them graze further and b...

NAMSUN GTL - Global Trade & Link

Global Trade & Linking Service Provider and Korea's Leading Trading Company

Veilish - Windows Dressed Up

Veilish is a fabric self-adhesive interior film. It can be used as window film, wallpaper, signage material, interior decoration, etc.

Meet the state-of-the-art products of DAWOON Co. Ltd.

The automatic cleaning device of dairy cow teat - Milk quality improvement through precise cleaning of nipples - Uniform nipple wash that does not depend on ski...

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