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Four Seasons Gutter Protection

New Zealand's Market Leader in Gutter Protection

Stop leaves, birds and pests getting into your gutters with New Zealand's market leading gutter protection. Four Seasons Technical Installers clean and flush your gutters, then install our mesh system for ongoing gutter protection. Our mesh is significantly stronger than comparable products and is the most advanced gutter protection mesh on the Australasian market.

Four Reasons to get Four Seasons:

  1. Leaves - Our system prevents 99% of leaves and debris from entering the gutters, reducing the chance of blockages and back flooding damage to your home or building, and maximising rain water collection.
  2. Birds - Birds entering your roof cavity may cause damage that is not covered by insurance. Four Seasons has a 100% success rate in preventing birds entering your roof.
  3. Pests - Pests entering your roof cavity may cause damage that is not covered by insurance. Four Seasons has a 100% success rate in preventing pests (i.e. mice and rats) entering your roof.
  4. Safety - ACC recorded 1,002,616 home related injury claims in 2020 alone, including those related to falling off of ladders. Our Gutter Protection system requires minimal ongoing maintenance, simply an annual flush with your garden hose, thus significantly reducing the risk of your safety.

We have 4 mesh systems available so that we can tailor the system to suit your environment, not make your environment suit our product. All are fitted with high grade Colorsteel® saddles and trims (.55 BMT) to ensure the longevity of the system. All meshes are food safe, therefore will not contaminate water supplies.

Continuous Control Flow Mesh : 20-year guarantee
Our award-winning mesh and the first mesh on the market that was designed specifically for 100% water collection. The heaviest and strongest polyethylene mesh available. Exclusive to Four Seasons. Available in 17 Colorsteel® colours. 

Maxi Aluminium Mesh : 15-year guarantee
Expanded aluminium mesh with an epoxy resin coating that outlasts the colour fastness of powder coatings. Not suitable for use on a metal roof due to differing expansion & contraction rates. May scratch roof coating, expose bare metal and/or cause electrolysis. Available in 12 Colorsteel® colours.

Multi Mesh: 12-year guarantee
Similar pattern to our Eco Mesh but enhanced with features found in our award-winning Continuous Control Flow mesh. Designed for 100% water collection. Exclusive to Four Seasons. Available in 13 Colorsteel® colours.

Eco Mesh: 8-year guarantee
Our entry level product designed for people looking for a cheaper, short term solution. Ideal for DIYers as the mesh does not have any specific top or bottom. Designed for 100% water collection. Available in 2 Colorsteel® colours. 

Four Seasons Gutter Protection
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