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Simple. Cheap. Accurate.

FlashMate electronic heat detectors give you best bang for your buck by accurately alerting multiple (including silent) heats using touch-sensing technology. Quality submissions drive up conception rate and add profit to your operation. If you’re profit-oriented, this is the only heat detector clinically proven to lift 6WICR.

FlashMate delivers low-cost accurate heat detection.  Similar cost to patches, but easier with better returns from the accurate calls.  Simple and easy on inexperienced staff - roster them on and share the early starts!  Created in NZ for NZ farmers and our systems.  

Talk to other farmers about the extra silent submissions and how avoiding pregnancy losses from bad calls can drop your empty rate.  Take greater control of mating costs and outcomes with this simple low-cost accurate tool that you can use tomorrow, without significant upskilling or multi-year financial commitments.

FlashMate Heat Detectors
+64 21 476 864

The Farmers' Word on FlashMate

8 Farmers share their experiences using FlashMate and how it saves them money and effort and increases their earnings.

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