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Farmscan Pty Ltd

Farmscan - Get in Control

There are few companies that can boast the rich heritage of a 40+ year association with the Australian agricultural industry. FARMSCAN continues to innovate and align its technology growth through partnerships and distribution to ensure Australian farmers are top their game when it comes to Precision Farming. 

Farmscan provides a wide range or monitors and controllers for everyday farming applications including the AgGuide GPS guidance & the 7000 range of controllers for complete control of your spraying, spreading and seeding application rates. Replacing your aging series of controllers have never been easier. Incorporating the best features of the Farmscan range of products is our Android based – AgGuide software which is more than just guidance. It’s a spray controller, seed rate controller and spreader controller – all on one screen. The 7000 range is not only innovative & robust – it’s reliable hardware & Australian built software makes this an adaptable & versatile product for users looking to “step-up” into Precision Technology without all the bells and whistles of guidance and steering. 

Other line-ups include the Jackal; a low cost 3 section Jackal spray rate controller & or compact & robust monitor that adapts onto almost any machine. It is designed as a multifunctional monitor & controller, capable of many simultaneous tasks and 12 separate inputs. 

With an excess of 10,000 units sold, the Jackal has a built-in wizard & trip function that makes this a great replacement or addition for any old 1000-2000 series of monitors. As well as our range of Hay & Grain moisture meters, spare parts, Farmscan are distributors for the Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Hose Blockage & Flow system for airseeders. The Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor provides reliable, versatile machine monitoring technology to improve precision in every pass. Unlike traditional optical sensors, the patented acoustic sensors monitor the sound of the seed flow so you can depend on accurate readings even if the sensors get dusty. 

The system is easy-to-install and can adapt to nearly any brand of equipment for a variety of applications. Its software is compatible with your iPad to provide a simple, user-friendly interface that displays all manifold runs and gives you an audible alert if a run becomes blocked. This season we also introduced to the market a new wireless monitoring system called HAYTECH which is able to accurately record and monitor temperature within bales of a haystack. Available now through Farmscan, the HAYTECH system uses probs which record hay temperature. The probs are connected to the Internet which allows real-time monitoring of hay via a free online service. The system allows users to check the temperature of hay any time through the free Quanturi online service. Alert messages can be sent via SMS to a mobile phone if temperatures rise to unsafe levels.

Farmscan Pty Ltd
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