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Better returns for your farm, family and future.

Kiwi farmers are among the most efficient and productive in the world, but increasingly farm profitability and balance sheets are under pressure. As a result, farmers are looking closely at the economic contribution of each part of their farms. If you have steep, marginal land that is unprofitable, difficult or dangerous to farm, we’d like to talk to you.

Forestry can give you an immediate and ongoing carbon revenue stream to help you repay debt, free up funds to invest in more productive pastoral land and to support succession planning. Plus you’ll also hold options to profit from the harvesting of the forest at the end of its rotation. By ensuring the right tree is planted in the right place, we can protect your productive profitable pastoral farmland from the wholesale blanket planting of pines. And we can help New Zealand achieve its climate change objectives.

Come talk to us in the Mystery Creek Pavilion.

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