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CRV, leading in health and efficiency

Farmers want to reach their goals faster. Take advantage of CRV’s precision breeding tools to ensure you get better returns from your herd. myHERD is the latest herd recording tool.

At CRV you’re not just a herd code

Take advantage of breeding tools to reach your goals

  • Set your breeding goals to ensure you get better returns from your herd.
  • Use the right mix of sexed semen, conventional semen and dairy beef sires to breed better replacements, higher value dairy beef calves and fewer bobbies.
  • Use DNA testing to ensure accurate parentage identification, save time at calving and make more accurate decisions.
  • Make better decisions for better outcomes financially, environmentally and socially.
  • myHERD allows you to convert data from herd records and herd test information into meaningful tools to support your business decisions.
  • Overcome animal welfare and environmental challenges using genetic solutions.


myHERD now available to all farmers

myHERD is now available to all farmers interested in considering the new tool as a herd recording solution. 

Following the launch of myHERD in June 2020, CRV has successfully transitioned hundreds of farmers from CRV InSight to myHERD. Now we are ready to welcome others. 

myHERD has been developed in New Zealand for Kiwi farmers. The new tool gives farmers a choice when it comes to herd recording and management. Most importantly, myHERD assures the accuracy and security of farmers’ data.

CRV Service

Everyone has their own approach to breeding. The days of ‘one-size-fits-all’ breeding systems are gone, and CRV supports this individual approach with our Health and Efficiency indices. We provide options for you to select sires your way, which may be choosing a fully preselected team or nominating individual sires based on your personal breeding goal. Either way, our Field consultants will work with you to achieve your personal breeding goal.

CRV Knowledge 

Making the right choices in genetics now will have a long-term impact on future profitability and efficiency. Our Field Consultants can assist you by helping define your objectives, then match CRV products and services to your needs.

CRV stands for Health and Efficiency and this aligns very well with the traits farmers tell us they want to breed for. Better breeding can improve health, milk quality and fertility of your herd. Better breeding can reduce your environmental footprint through improved herd efficiency.

CRV's Great Value

We will continue our focus on delivering maximum value to our clients. We have invested in genomic selection, information product development and herd testing improvements, while maintaining a competitively priced product. Our Field Consultants are there to help you plan the genetic future of your herd.

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Leading the way to better cows

At CRV we believe that better cows that are healthy and efficient lead to a better life for our customers, for our community and for the animals in the herd.


CRV proudly offers myHERD, a new herd recording platform for New Zealand Dairy Farmers. Powered by FarmIQ.

Herd Testing with CRV

Gain an overall picture of your herds production. At CRV we provide accurate milk quality results based on real milk volumes measured on farm.

CRV New Zealand

CRV is a pioneering, innovative, herd improvement company that is leading the way in dairying in New Zealand.

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