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CropX, the internet of soils.

Now with N insights!

CropX is a global AgAnalytics company, whose vision is to revolutionize and automate the farm and the decision-making process. With our best in market patented sensor farmers are provided with actionable insights through soil moisture, temperature, satellite data, agronomic crop models, irrigation and effluent recommendations all from one central dashboard including all fields and farms.  

Most recently CropX has developed a proprietary method to determine Pore Water EC (ECpw) which provides farmers with: direct measurement not a modelled output related to nitrogen, immediate and continuous view of nitrogen concentrations in their soil,  and a cost effective solution which is universally accessible.  

Now farmers can link the changes in soil water nitrogen concentrations to the activities they are undertaking and begin to make tactical changes to achieve better environmental outcomes. This technology, with its continuing advancements, puts the power in farmers hands, giving them the direct feedback to tailor mitigations and practice changes to their individual situation. Plus, they can now have the confidence that the changes are having the desired outcomes.

The DIY sensors can be installed with ease and have data transmitting all within as little as 5 minutes. Dryland operations can receive valuable data for making stock, planting, or fertilizer decisions based off key soil metrics. 

Across the entire farm the satellite imagery can provide insight into crop growth and health. There are over 70 agronomic crop models that underpin irrigation insights to tailor recommendations to specific crops and growth stages revolutionising what is possible in horticulture. 

Dairy farmers can also receive effluent application recommendations tailored to their farm and current conditions.  

With a range of powerful data layers and AI algorithms there is value in the CropX platform for every farmer. 

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CropX: The internet of soils

Learn what CropX can do for your farm with their revolutionary hardware and AI, adding value to every farm, every field, everywhere.

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