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Clean Green Effluent Company

User Friendly Dairy Effluent System

The success of the award winning Clean Green Effluent System has been its simplicity.

We start by filtering out the solids through a patented weeping wall. The solids are retained in a concrete bunker and the liquid portion weeps through to a pump chamber. This green liquid is then pumped to a storage tank which is used for external yard wash. This fresh green water is recycled across the yard and back to the weeping wall. The yards are washed clean without having to hose off with fresh water. This reduces total fresh water consumption to about 20lt/cow/day instead of the normal 50 to 70lt/cow/day. As we are now only using 20lt/cow we only have to deal with 20lt/cow/day for storage and distribution to land.

The Clean Green Effluent System has a unique distribution system that was designed for all soil types as its super low application depth (0.25mm or ¼ mm) can be applied to any soil type without risk of leaching or run off. This totally automated system removes the risk of over application when soil conditions are not suitable for standard systems. The super low application depth allows for application to soil over periods of the year when soils are near or at field capacity.

As the super low application depth allows us to apply farm dairy effluent virtually all year round, the storage requirement is minimal. The Clean Green Effluent System utilises 33,000 litre water tanks for total storage to exceed the requirement of the Massey University Pond Calculator.

Comprehensive research over the past fifteen years is looking positive for the Clean Green Effluent System. Testing has indicated that the super low application system will cause no environmental ill effects even in the winter.

The removal of open ponds reduces the rainwater footprint and reduces the overall liquid farm dairy effluent having to be applied to land. Rainwater catchment with conventional ponds can contribute to millions of litres per year. This liquid has to be dealt with via your distribution system. Rainwater contribution in open ponds can equate to more liquid than is produced in the dairy shed.

The patented distribution system is fully automated and only requires about three hours work per month to maintain this problem free effluent system.

Clean Green Effluent Company
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