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Best comfort for the honeybees

A pollen trap is a tool for collecting flower pollen from Honey bees. Instead of plastic entrances, we provide pollen traps that use stainless steel entrances to minimize damage to honeybees.

Bee Flower Pollen traps

BEE FLOWER Pollen traps are products attached and used to the entrance of the beehive.  They use the elastic stainless steel wire entrance instead of using plastic and can change the ring size of the bee’s entrance depending on the size of the bee or the purpose of the pollen-collecting. 
It minimizes the stress of bees with 0.25mm of thin diameter polished stainless entryway, minimizing the damage of the bees and ultimately increase the pollen collection.

BEEFLOWER Pollen traps are 3 kinds(Pollen trap/ Small pollen trap/ Wood pollen trap) and they have the same elastic stainless steel wire entrance. 

We are a manufacturer and exporter of Pollen trap with high strength stainless steel wire entrance. All components are made in South Korea and we are doing all of the things such as R&D, producing and selling. The spring is the core component of our pollen trap and we manage a spring manufacturer separately. We have developed and will develop products in pursuit of the coexistence of bees and humans.

Bee Pollen is 100% natural food and the richest source of vitamins in a single food.

Video Gallery

Bee Flower Pollen traps

Here are 3 pollen traps that can give honeybees the best comfort.

Field test of BEEFLOWER Pollen trap

This is a field test video with sizes 4.6 and 4.8.

How to Assembly Pollen trap

BEE FLOWER Pollen trap assembly method. How easy and simple!

How to install pollen trap

How easy to install BEE FLOWER Pollen Trap!

How to clean the gate of pollen trap

BEEFLOWER Pollen trap gate is easy to clean after use and there is no deformation because it is made of high quality stainless steel wire!

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