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Hard Working Good Buggers

Thinking about upgrading your effluent system? 

Simplify your system  

The key is to keep it simple with as minimal moving parts as possible and the less labour input the better.  
Everything we do within Archway Group is about keeping things simple, if there is something that we can do to reduce labour or any menial task then we do it. You should too.  

Futureproof yourself  

Plan for the next 10-15 years not just the next two. When making plans to upgrade, think about buying the neighbours or increasing herd sizes, think about covering the uncovered feed pad and increasing the m2 per cow, where and how you are going to site infrastructure to maximise falls and area.  

Our products 

Weeping Wall, Stone/Sand Trap, Tailings Bunker, Silage Bunker, PK/Feed/Fert Bunker, Feed Pad or Herd Barn. 
Talk to us about getting an infrastructure plan for your farm.

Why us  

By shooting heights and levels we can work out the best place for everything to go, using the natural heights and falls of the land to maximise the use of gravity and minimise the use of pumps and piping. This adds to the overall simplicity of the system, and reduces on-going operating and maintenance costs. We design our products around your farm, not your farm around our products. By considering the bigger picture now, you’ll have a plan that will meet your needs for decades to come. And as a family-owned business that is planning on being around for the next 50 years, it’s important we get it right for you. 

Archway Group
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Solution Focused Systems

Hear from our clients themselves about their systems, experiences and Archway Group products.

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