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Advance Landscape Systems

BioGro Certified Hemp Fibre Mulch Textiles

Advance Landscape Systems prides itself in providing solutions suited to the very difficult and demanding situations in New Zealand’s unique outdoor environment. Since our very beginnings, we have always had a drive to limit our impact on the environment by making sustainable choices. Whenever possible, our land care products are sourced and provided to meet the environmental sensitivity embedded into our company culture.

We are excited to introduce our BioGro organic certified hemp fibre textiles for weed suppression and hydroponic microgreen growing. These are the first organic certified products of their type to hit the NZ market, and are suitable for use in organic orchards, vineyards, greenhouses, and other growing industries.  

The use of hemp fibre is a breakthrough in the NZ industry as the crop is now grown and harvested in NZ and has amazing environmental characteristics.  Some of hemp’s key benefits include: 1. Natural Strength: Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres on earth, providing the strength of a synthetic fibre while remaining a totally natural product. 2. Water Retention Properties: With a pH level of 6.7, hemp is an ideal fibre for water-based solutions and can hold 1038% of its own weight in water. 3. Carbon Neutralisation: Scientists have found that hemp is one of the best crops for absorbing carbon dioxide, meaning crops can contribute to the environment as a ‘carbon sink’. One hectare of hemp can absorb 22 tonnes of CO2! 4. Easy to grow: Hemp is a fast-growing crop and can tolerate extreme temperature conditions. It requires very little water to grow, compared to other fibres such as cotton. It also requires very few pesticides and no herbicides.

So, besides its strength, versatility and low maintenance as a crop, hemp is also proven to be a sustainable and eco-friendly material. This is a big factor behind hemp’s growing popularity, as industries pay more attention to their environmental impact and look for cleaner, greener materials and processes. The above properties have added a superior edge to our new range of textile products.  

For Weed Suppression: Our Hemp Mulch Textiles improve the growth and survival of a plant by preventing weeds from germinating or growing. Placed around the base of the plant, Hemp Matting protects the plants against competitive weeds which would steal light, nutrients and moisture. The insulation properties of Hemp ensure protection from temperature extremes, providing an ideal growing environment.  

For Hydroponic Microgreen Growing: Our Hemp Hydroponic Mats are highly absorptive, providing roots with the water they require. The industrial hemp fibres are blended with organic wool fibres to provide a strong but light rooting environment. This growing medium provides a much cleaner growing process than soil.

Advance Landscape Systems is excited about the possibilities this new range products can offer to the market and we look forward to collaborating with like-minded organisations.

Advance Landscape Systems
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Hemp Fibre Innovation

Advance Landscape Systems are excited to be pioneering the use of hemp fibre in New Zealand for environmental and hydroponic use. Our products are 100% natural and BioGro™ organic certified .

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